Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why fundraise in 2018 for an election in 2019?

Beginning monthly donations now enables the funds to build to a significant stash, makes it easy, and encourages a higher level of contributions from donors who are unable to contribute large amounts at one time.  It provides a vehicle for some donors to support the 2019 Virginia state legislature elections while also supporting 2018 federal campaigns in Virginia and all types of campaigns in other states. During 2018, this fundraiser is most likely to be of interest to those who live in Virginia, or who have friends, family, or other connections in Virginia.


When WIll nominees get the money?

The accumulated funds will be distributed within 10 days after the official designation of the Democratic nominee: starting either after the June 11, 2019 primary in a contested primary, after the filing deadline for the primary if the primary is uncontested, or after the caucus if the selection is through a caucus. Thereafter the nominees will receive the funds on a weekly basis until the general election on November 5, 2019. 


Why not Give candidates Funds earlier?

Waiting until there is an official Democratic nominee ensures that the full allocation is assured for each district. Presumed candidates including current incumbents may decide to drop out for personal reasons or to run for a different office.  Court decisions could lead to redistricting.  Potential nominees will be aware of the awaiting stash, and plan accordingly. 



What will happen if there are court decisions on redistricting, or There is no Democratic nominee in one of the selected districts, special election, or There are other changes in circumstance?

Revised districts would be selected on the basis of comparable criteria (i.e., encouraging election history), and funds would be reallocated on the basis of a comparable formula (i.e., individual Senate nominees receive twice as much as individual Delegate nominees).


Why not support additional incumbents or Democratic campaigns in every district; or select the nominees and/or allocate the funds based on candidates’ policy views or diversity representation? 

Flipping both houses of the General Assembly will empower all Democratic incumbents to accomplish more of their legislative ambitions, and will increase the likelihood of progressive policies and diverse representation. There will be many opportunities in 2019 to support additional fundraising campaigns that use different targeting and allocation criteria.


What further communication will I receive after my initial donation

We will send you occasional updates via email on the progress of this fundraiser and the selection of nominees. After all the nominees are selected, i.e., after the June 11, 2019 primary, we will update the website to provide information on each Democratic candidate in the selected districts. The Every District PAC will not add you to any list serves for their other fundraisers unless you specifically request this. Your donation to the PAC is publicly available (in accordance with campaign finance law), but most candidates do not normally directly communicate with individual donors to PACs.


When will my monthly recurring contributions end?

Assuming you select the monthly recurring contribution option, your credit card will be charged monthly until November 4, 2019. You can always contact us at with cc to at any time if you want to end them earlier.



At the request of Democratic leadership, the ActBlue site will be temporarily suspended and no new donors accepted during the January 9 –February 23rd 2019 regular session of the General Assembly. Although not legally required for contributions channeled through PACs, this is consistent with Virginia campaign finance guidelines for incumbents (and some of the nominees are likely to be incumbents). However recurrent monthly donations initiated in advance of the session will continue, and the donation site will resume full functionality after the session. Furthermore, no funds from this campaign will be distributed to nominees during the regular session of the General Assembly.


Who are the individuals on the Grassroots Organizing Committee?

Jessica Mott, Stair Calhoun, Abigail Fox, Debra Fried Levin, Holly Hazard, Chris Le Menestrel, Jane Materna, Kathleen Murray, Geraldine Shannon, Brooke Smith, and Katherine White.


What is EveryDistrict PAC?

EveryDistrict is a Virginia political action committee. All contributions to and expenditures of EveryDistrict Virginia PAC are reported to the Virginia State Board of Elections and available on the SBE website.


What is ActBlue?

ActBlue is a nonprofit technology organization established in June 2004 that enables Democrats, progressive groups, and nonprofits to raise money on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software. Its stated mission is to "empower small-dollar donors." ActBlue is independent of the Democratic Party itself and does not endorse individual candidates.  The organization is open to Democratic campaigns, candidates, committees, and progressive 501(c)4 organizations. Groups that use ActBlue pay a 3.95% credit card processing fee. As a nonprofit, ActBlue runs its own, separate fundraising program and accepts tips on contributions to pay for its expenses. It is a PCI Level 1 certified merchant and is audited yearly to ensure that it is maintaining that high level of security. ActBlue had nearly 8,000 groups using the platform in 2017.


Who is Eligible to Donate?

The legal requirements for political donations to Virginia political campaigns are listed on the ActBlue link. In addition, the VABlueWave2019 fundraising campaign seeks and accepts donations from individuals only --- it does not accept donations from corporations.