david toscano.jpg

David Toscano

Virginia House of Delegates Democratic Leader

We are all rowing together to get to the same goal.... the majority!

Rip Sullivan 400x400.jpg

Rip Sullivan

Delegate, Virginia 48th District

November 2017 gave us the power of 49 in the House of Delegates. Now let's take back both chambers in 2019 and show America what Virginia really stands for.

alfonso lopez 400x400.jpeg

Alfonso Lopez

Whip of the House Democratic Caucus

Let’s complete the job in 2019 and elect a General Assembly that supports renewable energy, the environment, sensible gun violence prevention, our teachers, a sound safety net, and ensures that Virginia is a welcoming and inclusive place for all.

barbara favola.jpg

Barbara Favola

Senator, Virginia 31st District

I am proud to endorse the VA Blue Wave 2019 fundraiser. This grassroots initiative will help elect progressive candidates in 2019 and build the Democratic majority in the General Assembly needed to promote compassionate policies. If you care about moving Virginia forward, donate to this campaign and promote it to others in any way you can.

sam rasoul.jpeg

Sam Rasoul

Delegate, Virginia 11th District

A wave is about many drops coming together and can sometimes move mountains. Awesome to be able to endorse a movement which is going to help us change the lives of so many Virginians. Thank you Virginia Blue Wave for pouring you blood, sweat, and tears into our future.

patrick hope 280x294.jpg

Patrick Hope

Delegate, Virginia 47th District

Please join us for the Virginia Blue Wave 2019 and give Virginians the legislature it deserves. Because if we can’t change their minds, we’ll just have to change their seats.

mark levine.jpg

Mark Levine

Delegate, Virginia 45th District

With 49 Democrats in the House, we expanded Medicaid. Imagine what we could do with just two more. I’m proud to endorse Virginia Blue Wave 2019 for Mission 51 and beyond. Help us create Virginia’s first progressive majority. Join the wave.

kathleen murphy.jpeg

Kathleen Murphy

Delegate, Virginia 34th District

I endorse the VA Blue Wave 2018 fundraiser to help elect progressive candidates in 2019 and build the Democratic majority in the General Assembly that we need to promote Democratic policies. I support this effort to help move Virginia forward and urge you to donate to this campaign and promote Democratic candidates in any way you can.

kaye kory.jpeg

Kaye Kory

Delegate, Virginia 38th District

Virginia Blue Wave pushed us all to political action. Our voting power produced 49 Democratic Delegates in 2017. Let's make Virginia Blue Wave stronger--and get to 51 #VIRGINIA BLUE TSUNAMI.

adam ebbin.jpeg

Adam Ebbin

Senator, Virginia 30th District

In 2017 we were able to flip a record number of seats to reflect Virginia’s true values thanks to the energy and labor of the member organizations of Blue Wave. Donations to Virginia Blue Wave will be key to winning Democratic control in ‘19.