Virginia Blue Wave 2019

Let’s take back the majority in the Virginia General Assembly! We need to elect more Democrats to make progress on many critical issues -- everything from gun violence prevention to environmental protection, healthcare, civil rights, voting rights, women's rights, and other issues. So let's finish the Blue Wave we started in 2017! Your support for the 2019 state House of Delegates and state Senate elections will be critical - even more than in 2017, because there will be no statewide candidates to attract funding and get voters to the polls.

We are asking you to make monthly or one-time contributions through the EveryDistrict PAC to support nominees in 20 Delegate districts and six State Senate districts that Democrats need to hold or flip in 2019.

Please join individuals from several grassroots groups (WofA, Network NOVA, Nope!, VADF, Arlington Action, and others) to make progressive change a reality. The focus of this campaign is on fundraising – for information on other ways to contribute please refer to the Virginia Grassroots Coalition website. The campaign seeks and accepts donations from individuals only --- it does not accept donations from corporations.


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Save Our Ships.png

Save our Ships

The 8 Virginia House of Delegate districts where progressive candidates won their races in 2017 with less than a 8% margin or less than a 9% margin with a contested primary: Districts 10 (Wendy Gooditis), 21 (Kelly Convirs-Fowler), 50 (Lee Carter), 51 (Hala Ayala), 68 (Dawn Adams), 72 (Schuyler VanValkenburg), 73( Rodney Willett), and 85 (Alex Askew).

Overcome the Heartbreaks.png

Overcome the Heartbreaks

The 4 Virginia House of Delegate districts currently held by Republicans after elections with margins of less than 1% in 2017 but won by Governor Ralph Northam: Districts 27 (Larry Barnett), 28 (Joshua Cole), 40 (Dan Helmer), and 94 (Shelly Simonds).

Unfurl the Sails.png

Unfurl the Sails

Eight Delegate districts with Republican incumbents, including five where Northam won in 2017 plus three (marked with**) that now trend Democratic as a result of the Bethune Hill redistricting. [Note: Distributions to these 3 will await confirmation by Supreme Court]: Districts 62 (Lindsey Dougherty), 66** (Sheila Bynum-Colman), 76 (Clint Jenkins), 81** (Lenard Myers), 83 (Nancy Guy), 84 (Karen Mallard), 91** (Martha Mugler), and 100 (Phil Hernandez).

Launch the other Fleet.png

Launch the Other Fleet

The 6 Virginia State Senate Districts currently held by Republicans that Governor Ralph Northam won in 2017: Districts 7 (Cheryl Turpin), 8 (Missy Cotter Smasal), 10 (Ghazala Hashmi), 12 (Debra Rodman), 13 (John Bell), and 17 (Amy Laufer).

Legacy Ships.png

Legacy Ships

Three current progressive incumbents in Delegate districts who won by more than 8% but less than a 10% margin, and who didn’t face a contested primary or caucus: Districts 12 (Chris Hurst), 13 (Danica Roem) and 31 (Elizabeth Guzman). Included in original campaign design and receiving an initial allocation of $500 each but not further automatic allocations, in order for VA Blue Wave 2019 campaign to add the three delegate districts that have become flippable as a result of the Bethune Hill redistricting. Included in the donate link with list of specific nominees.


Predetermined Allocations.

If you donate to the slate of 26, your donation will be shared evenly among the Democratic nominees for all districts other than the Legacy Ships, except that Senate districts are allocated twice as much as Delegate districts due to their larger population. With a total of 6 State Senate districts and 20 House of Delegate districts, the suggested donation amounts are in multiples of 32 [i.e.,(20*$1)+(6*$2)].



Now that we know all the nominees, we have added a new option – you can allocate your donation to specific nominees. The second donate link provides a list of all 29 (including the Legacy Ships). You can donate to a subset (e.g., Save Our Ships (vulnerable districts currently helped by Democrats, or Launch the other Fleet (state senate districts). Alternatively you can now designate only nominees whose districts overlap with a specific US Congressional District.  Grassroots groups undertaking fundraising for a specific candidate can now use the VA Blue Wave donate links on the candidate pages of in order to ensure grassroots attribution.   


No OVerhead Costs.

Your entire donation, minus the Act Blue processing fee (3.95%), will go to the Democratic nominees in the selected districts. All design and other operational costs are covered by volunteers.


How to Contribute

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Goal: $100,000

This thermometer shows progress in donations and donors through all VA Blue Wave donation links and is updated on a weekly basis. We are now distributing to all nominees, in accordance to their specified share of funds from the Slate of 26 and any contributions designated to specific nominees.

Choose the donation option and among a range of levels or give an amount comfortable for you. 

Within the linked ActBlue site, be sure to mark the “make this contribution monthly” if you want to ensure that your contribution continues on a monthly basis.

Make your contribution through the Every District PAC Act Blue donation links. Alternately, you can fill out a form and send in a check.

366 donors as of October 14, 2019